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I am a passionate software engineer with a decade's worth of professional experience building web applications for the smallest of small startups, to some of the web's largest sites. Specialties include JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, PHP, open-source, web performance, and developer advocacy.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Currently use JavaScript and Ruby. Previously PHP, Python, Java, C++, and Basic.

Markup & Formats: Proficient with HTML, CSS, XML, & JSON.

Database Systems: Experienced with MySQL, PostgreSQL, & SQLite.

Libraries & Frameworks: jQuery, YUI, Prototype, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, Google App Engine, WebOS, & Zend Framework.

Version Control: Git, Subversion, & CVS.

Employment History

2014 - Present
Quid, Inc - San Francisco, CA
Software Engineer

2011 - 2013
Yahoo! - Sunnyvale, CA
Senior Software Engineer, YUI

YUI is a popular open-source JavaScript library, and as a senior engineer working on the project, my time was spent working on variety of tasks. This included building CSS & JavaScript modules, Node.js developer tools, developer advocacy, and overall... just making the library as feature-rich and awesome as possible.

A few of the projects involved with:

  • Developed and released the Button component, which is now part of the Pure CSS library.
  • Enhanced the ScrollView widget to improve performance, add new functionality, and introduce test coverage.
  • Developed YUI Benchmark, a JavaScript performance testing toolkit for web and Node.js applications.
  • Worked on YUI's continuous integration efforts, which included automated testing of functionality, performance, and code quality.
  • Advocacy and community efforts, which included over 50 blog posts for the YUI Blog and the YDN blog, as well as representing Yahoo! at various conferences, hackathons, and recruiting events.
2009 - 2011
Yahoo! - Santa Monica, CA
Front End Engineer

Engineer, develop, and maintain Yahoo! websites using PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
Coding commonly involves using Yahoo! proprietary MVC framework (PHP, XML) and YUI (JavaScript library).
Act as evangelist for Yahoo! Developer Network.

Projects involved with:

2007 - 2009
Catholic Content, LLC - Lenexa, KS
Software Engineer, Lead

  • Architected & developed social media website
  • Evaluated and assessed software needs for development tools and web services.
  • Interviewed & hired additional in-house development resources and managed development tasks with outsourced & contract resources.
  • Developed multimedia transcoding queue and delivery platform for audio, video, images, documents, and downloads.
  • Developed REST API interface for interaction with MyCatholicVoice front-end website.
  • Designed relational database schema.
  • Wrote specifications for development projects.
  • Managed advertising platform and designed ad delivery network.
  • Customized WordpressMU for use as the MyCatholicVoice Blogging Network.
  • Established partnerships with companies such as Rackspace, Limelight Networks, Scribd, & Burst Media.
  • Configured & managed development/production servers running on Red Hat Enterprise Edition 4, Ubuntu, and Windows.

Technology used: Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SQS), Linux, Apache, lighttpd, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP5, Kohana PHP framework, Code Igniter PHP framework, FFMPEG, jQuery, Memcached, Lucene, & ADODB.

2006 - 2007
Gragg Advertising - Kansas City, MO
Interactive Developer

  • Develop internal/client web projects & interactive marketing campaigns.
  • Traffic analysis reports for client websites & email campaigns.
  • Utilize SEO strategies to design search engine optimized websites.
  • Maintain & troubleshoot employee computer systems and Linux based servers.
  • Develop API clients to transfer data between Gragg and affiliate systems.

Technology used: Linux, Apache, PHP5, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, & MySQL

2004 - 2006
Nuvio Corp. - Overland Park, KS
Web Developer

Developed user interfaces for Voice over IP services and company intranet.
Manage Nuvio's corporate website and 200+ partner websites.
Acted as technical contact for Nuvio's engineering department.
Designed, developed, & managed web API for remote interaction with between partners and Nuvio systems.

Technology used: Linux, Apache, PHP5, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, & MySQL


1999 - 2004
University of Kansas - Lawrence, KS

Bachelors degree in Communication Studies


Zend Certified PHP Engineer - Certified Sept 2009

Speaking Experience

I am a confident speaker, with experience in front of both small and large crowds. Along with many speaking experiences in college as a Communications major, here are some of the formal technical talks I have given.

  • 2012-11-29: "Developing the Future of Yahoo" @ Future of Web Apps in Prague, Czech Republic (HTML)
  • 2012-11-14: "ScrollView Deep Dive" @ YUIConf in Santa Clara, CA (YouTube, HTML)
  • 2011-11-04: "Why YUI" @ YUIConf in Santa Clara, CA (YouTube, HTML)
  • 2010-12-04: "Yahoo Query Language" @ NYTimes Open Hackday in New York City, NY (Slideshare)
  • 2010-10-12: "Yahoo Query Language" @ SoCal.js meetup in Pasadena, CA (HTML)
  • 2010-05-05: "Yahoo Query Language" @ Music Hackday in San Francisco, CA (HTML)
  • 2010-04-21: "Yahoo Query Language" @ Yahoo. (Slideshare)
  • 2009-08-08: "jQuery: JavaScript that Doesn't Suck" @ preDevCamp Kansas City. (PDF)
  • 2009-06-16: "Twitter Bootcamp" @ Enterprise Center of Johnson County. (PDF)
  • 2009-05-19: "Twitter Bootcamp" @ Enterprise Center of Johnson County.
  • 2009-04-21: "Twitter Bootcamp" @ Enterprise Center of Johnson County.
  • 2009-02-19: "Twitter Bootcamp" @ Enterprise Center of Johnson County.

Conferences / Events

I am a socially engaged developer who has a passion for organizing events, and learning new technologies. Here are some of the conferences and events I've attended during my career.

  • Beer.js (2012-present) - Organizer
  • Chrome Dev Summit (November 2013) - Attendee
  • Y! Hack USA (August 2013) - Mentor
  • NodeBots Day SF (July 2013) - Attendee
  • Velocity (June 2013) - Attendee
  • SoCal.js (2010-2012) - Organizer
  • Future of Web Apps (November 2012) - Speaker
  • YUIConf (November 2012) - Speaker
  • HTML5DevConf (October 2012) - Attendee
  • Y! HackU - UT Austin (March 2012) - Mentor
  • JSConf (May 2012) - Attendee
  • YUIConf (November 2011) - Speaker
  • HTML5DevConf (September 2011) - Attendee
  • Y! HackU - UC Berkeley (September 2011) - Mentor
  • Y! Open Hack All Stars (September 2011) - Mentor
  • Open Web Camp III (July 2011) - Attendee
  • Mozilla World Series of Hack (July 2011) - Mentor
  • HadoopSummit (July 2011) - Attendee
  • Velocity (June 2011) - Attendee
  • NodeConf (May 2011) - Attendee
  • JSConf (May 2011) - Attendee
  • Yahoo F2ESummit (March 2011) - Attendee
  • NY Times Hackday (Dec 2010) - Speaker/Mentor/Hacker (Hack: Downfall meme generator)
  • HP/Palm Developer Day: NYC (November 2010) - Mentor/Attendee
  • Science Hackday SF (November 2010) - Hacker (Hack: Particle Windchime)
  • Music Hackday SF (May 2010) - Speaker/Mentor/Hacker (Hack:
  • Palm Developer Day (Apr 2010) - Attendee
  • JSConf (Apr 2010) - Attendee
  • Southern California Linux Expo (Feb 2010) - Attendee
  • PreDevCamp (Aug 2009) - Organizer. webOS developer event that was attended by approximately 75 developers & designers. Sponsors included Sprint, Palm, and Adobe.
  • StartupWeekend Kansas City (April 2009) - Hacker (Hack: TopChirp)
  • ZendCon (Oct 2008) - Attendee
  • Yahoo! Open HackDay (Oct 2008) - Attendee


I am a strong believer that communities are an important component to generating ideas, sharing knowledge, and acting as a collective voice. Here are some communities of developers and enthusiasts I have helped create.

  • Beer.js SF (2012) - Founder. Beer.js is a social meetup group in San Francisco for JavaScript developers.
  • SoCal.js (2010) - Founder. SoCal.js is a meetup group in the Los Angeles area focused on JavaScript themed events. Now JS.LA.
  • KCJUG (Kansas City JavaScript Users Group) (2008) - Founder
  • StartupKC (2007) - Co-founder. StartupKC is an umbrella group within the KC tech community designed to organize developer events & meetups. Organized events such as BarCampKC, PreDevCamp, StartupWeekend, Highlight Midwest, various "code diving" sessions, and created the StartupKC co-working space.
  • Heart of America Soccer Foundation (2002) - Co-founder, COO. Grassroots organization in the greater Kansas City area that was created to advocate the region's viability as a host for world-class professional & amateur soccer.