Particle Windchime

Turn a particle detector into a custom instrument with the fundamental interactions of the universe playing that instrument. Using data from the world's particle colliders, each collision event will play its detector, which can be configured exactly how you want. You define your instrument based on how it reacts to the properties of colliding particles and explore the fundamental laws of the universe through sound. Listen carefully and you might discover the Higgs boson!

Note: This demo doesn't yet work via the web. You have to install & run it locally by following the instructions in the README found in the source code.
Data set
Data file
PitchThe frequency of the tone
DurationThe length (time) of the tone
VolumeThe loundness/softness of the tone
InstrumentThe musical instrument
PIDParticle ID
ChargeElectrical Charge (plus, minus, or zero)
EnergyTotal energy of particle
XX-position of the interaction
YY-position of the interaction
ZZ-position of the interaction
RadiusDistance from point of collision
TimeClock-time since collision
PxX-direction of movement
PyY-direction of movement
PzZ-direction of movement
P-thetaAngular Direction (Polar)
P-phiAngular Direction (Azimuthal)

Source Code

Our code can be found at Github

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